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Durk Pearson, Sandy Shaw
Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw are independent experts in anti-aging research and brain biochemistry. Since 1968, they have been pioneers in the life extension field. The publication of their runaway-bestseller Life Extension, A Practical Scientific Approach in 1982 was a benchmark in the history of nutritional science and created a whole new biomedical paradigm. Among other best sellers, Durk & Sandy are the authors of Freedom of Informed Choice: FDA Versus Nutrient Supplements, a book that discusses constitutional and scientific issues relating to the FDA's regulation of the dissemination of scientific information.

Durk graduated from MIT in 1965 with a triple major in Physics, Biology, and Psychology, and a triple minor in electrical engineering, computer science, and chemistry. Sandy graduated from UCLA with majors in Chemistry and Zoology. For more than 40 years, Durk and Sandy have researched and published extensively about the role nutrition plays in longevity, fat control and brain chemistry.
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