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or the second year running, Life Enhancement Products delivered a biomedical presentation to the Eris Society, which gathers in Aspen, Colorado, every August. Last year the subject was "Smart Drugs, Smart Nutrients and Life Extension"; this year it was "The Health Benefits of GHB and the New Prohibition." Eris was founded in 1980 by financial writer and advisor Doug Casey, who has had a continuing interest in life extension, life enhancement, and "life force" technologies since he published his first investment book, Crisis Investing, a runaway bestseller, in 1979.

Among Erisians, health-related issues are a major concern, judging from the large number of speakers on the subject who have appeared over the years. Many society members are quite well heeled due to their success as professionals from many walks of creative and scientific life, especially as entrepreneurs, investors, and financial advisors. Having met many of their financial goals, Eris members approach the more elusive subject of health with the same intelligence and "contrarian" attitude that brought them their success in the first place. They think independently and are not swayed by conventional wisdom. Eris members are explicitly and adamantly anti-authoritarian. They are also extremely enthusiastic about Life Enhancement Products.

Ward Dean, MD and Will Block speak at the Eris conference

In their presentation, Ward Dean, M.D., and Will Block warned the audience of the forthcoming prohibition against life extension technologies, as currently represented by government collusion against GHB, a natural compound with a long history of safety, which bureaucrats have recently removed from over-the-counter availability. At first, police action was directed at the federal and state levels, declaring its sale and manufacture felonious. We know of one GHB marketer who saved his own skin only by allowing himself to be wired, the result of which sent several other sellers to the Federal clink. (Several of these GHB convictions have since been overturned when appeals courts realized the charges were trumped up.) With the creation of a government-created black market in GHB, the battle has been stepped up, and we now have the prospect of field commanders surrounding "GHB-saturated" areas, such as Northern California, preparing for invasion.

Ward and Will also made the case for the life-extension values of GHB, including its ability to enhance immune function, release growth hormone, improve sleep efficiency, enhance memory, and alleviate anxiety and depression, among other benefits. The meaning of the promise and the threat from the international to the local level was well-noted by the audience.

Friend and colleague Jonathan Wright, M.D., also spoke to the society. He spoke about the subject of a book he has recently coauthored with Life Enhancement's John Morgenthaler, entitled Natural Hormone Replacement for Women Over 45. (Available from Life Enhancement Products.) Jonathan focused on the travesty of drug company representations that horse estrogen (Premarin®), the most frequently prescribed drug in the country, is equivalent or superior to human estrogen. He also delved into the similar notion that synthetic progesterone (medroxyprogesterone acetate, Provera®) is equal in value and safety to natural progesterone. These false conclusions, Wright argued, are spurred by the patentability of these molecules, rather than by their safety or efficacy. Provera, he noted, may actually increase the incidence of heart disease. Jonathan's presentation combined elements of humor, wit, and easy interaction with the audience.

Some of Life Enhancement's most loyal and devoted customers are drawn from the ranks of Erisians. We are flattered that such a brilliant group of people should think so highly of our magazine and products.

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