Why InnerPower Is Sweet

Q Is there a chance that InnerPower might someday be available as an unsweetened drink? For my taste, most “nutrition drinks” are sweeter than syrup—and I usually don’t like syrup!

STEVEN, Kannapolis, NC

A You wouldn’t want InnerPower as an unsweetened drink. Its principal active ingredient, the amino acid L-arginine, is one of the worst-tasting substances ever—some have described it as tasting like dog barf smells—so it’s absolutely necessary to mask its flavor. Yet it has more benefits than almost any other nutrient.

InnerPower’s sweetness decreases in the following order of the three different flavors: tropical, cherry, and citrus; they’re sweetened with stevia, xylitol, and stevia, respectively. Two ways to diminish the sweetness in any of these flavors are to dilute the drink and to squeeze some lemon or lime into it.

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