Sayonara, Starters’ Tea, for the Time Being

Q Years ago I used some products that were Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw formulations from a company called DNA. I lost 30 pounds and felt great, but then the company went out of business. Over the last 10 years, I have slowly gained the weight back. I had used a thermogenic tea containing ma huang, along with an energy drink and, possibly, a protein drink for breakfast. What products do you have that may be similar to these?

ALLY, Southern Pines, NC

A Unfortunately, Life Enhancement Products no longer carries the ma huang product, at least not until some of the legal problems surrounding it are settled. However, the company still carries the energy drink (see the BLAST Family products—the one you took was Rise & Shine, BLAST, FastBLAST, Ascend ’n See, TurboBLAST II, or WOW), and it has a protein food (High-Protein LongCakes) also designed by Durk & Sandy.

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