5-HTP and Estrogen

Q Do you have any natural estrogen products? Can a person take natural estrogen and 5-HTP?

CY, Dana Point, CA

A Estrogen products, whether natural or not, are by prescription only. So you will need to see a doctor in order to obtain any estrogen replacement. So if you have decided to take estrogen, consider having your doctor write you a prescription for natural estrogens, tri-estrogen or Tri-Est. Many compounding pharmacies supply different combinations of the natural estrogens. If your doctor is not familiar with natural estrogen replacement, share with him or her, Dr. Jonathan Wright's easy to read book called Natural Hormone Replacement available through Life Enhancement.

So, is 5-HTP safe to use with natural estrogens? I would look at it this way: estrogens in our body are either edogenous (coming from within) or exogenous (coming from supplementation - to help restore the body to youthful levels). Again, natural estrogen supplementation is more natural than synthetic supplementation. So when the body is in it's normal and healthy state, is it safe to take 5-HTP? I do not see any reason why you could not use both of these supplements.

However, since there are some people under certain circumstances that are not candidates for estrogen replacement, I advise that estrogen replacement therapy become a decision that is made with your physician or healthcare professional.

Dr. V.

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