DHEA ThermoPlexTM or 5-HTP SlimTM: Which is Better for Fat Loss?
Q I want to lose 15 pounds. Do you recommend DHEA ThermoPlex or 5-HTP Slim? What are the differences? I would really appreciate hearing from you.
A Dear DT,
DHEA ThermoPlex contains three primary ingredients (ephedra, yohimbe and DHEA) and several important secondary ones, including caffeine and white willow bark. The ephedra herb has been used safely for thousands of years for various purposes and is well known for its effectiveness as a thermogenic agent. Thermogenesis is a process by which the body burns stored fat to produce heat energy. When you take a thermogenic agent you fool your body into acting as though it needs to produce more heat to keep the body at its core temperature. You burn more fat than normal. This results in fat loss. Ephedra becomes more effective as it is used continually (for a few to several months), rather than for just a few days or few weeks.

Yohimbe, long known for its prosexual activity, can enhance thermogenesis and decrease appetite. It is known to promote a secondary thermogenesis that is more effective for fat below the waist, especially in the thigh region.1-4 Ephedra also has appetite-suppressant properties, but is primarily effective in the first few weeks of taking it. At about this time optimal thermogenesis starts to kick in. DHEA's ability to help control weight gain is not clearly understood. However, there is recent scientific evidence that indicates its weight-loss aspects are related to the hormone's ability to increase thermogenesis. Adding yohimbe and DHEA to ephedra can provide potent synergistic paths to greater fat loss. This process is enhanced further by the addition of caffeine and white willow bark.

All three of these substances can have stimulatory effects similar to the feeling you get when drinking too much coffee or when too much adrenaline is released into your bloodstream. If you take too much too soon, or if you prove sensitive, you may experience a jittery feeling; this can interfere with sleep, especially if taken too late in the day. For a few, the punch is too potent.

If those side effects are present for you, 5-HTP Slim might be a better option. Additionally, if you are still in your youthful years, it might be too soon to start supplementing with hormones like DHEA. Generally, you should at least be over the age of 30.

5-HTP Slim contains ephedra, 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP), white willow bark and caffeine. Ephedra provides the fat-loss mechanism of thermogenesis. 5-HTP, well known for its use in serotonin deficiency syndrome, is recognized as a natural carbohydrate-appetite satisfier. White willow bark and caffeine provide an additive synergism to thermogenesis of the ephedra. Since 5-HTP tends to have relaxing or calming effects, many report that it helps offset the stimulatory effects of the other agents.

Please consult your doctor if you have high blood pressure, arrythmia, or any other medical condition; or if you want to lose more than 10% of your body weight. I recommend that you not lose more than one pound per week; there is evidence that losing at a faster pace can trigger the yo-yo syndrome. [See back articles in Life Enhancement,especially issues May and June 1996 and December 1997.]

As you can see, selecting between these two products requires you to have some understanding of how these products are similar, how they are different, and your personal needs. I hope this has provided you with enough information to help you with your choice.

    Dr V
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