I Want to Youthen My Dry and Wrinkling Skin. Is Living SkinTM or New FeelingTM Better? Or Both?
Q Dear Dr V,
For the last several years, I have lived in a very dry climate. I hate to admit it but my skin is very dry and wrinkled. Every winter my skin gets especially dry and my back itches a lot. Sometimes my fingers and hands get so dry that they crack. Using Living Skin has vastly improved these problems and sometimes has even eliminated them altogether so long as I keep using it. I don't know if it's my tendency to have dry, wrinkling skin or if it's because of the dry climate that I am living in, but would New Feeling youthen my skin any more? Or should I use them both? Can you explain how they work? Are you supposed to alternate them? I sure would like to hear from you.

A Dear LS,
New Feeling and Living Skin were formulated by Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw®. Interestingly, Durk and Sandy were initially motivated to design Living Skin because they were having their own problems with dry, cracked hands from living in a very dry climate. They found it to be very effective in clearing up and preventing this problem.

Living Skin is an antioxidant/moisturizer for anyone who is concerned with the appearance of healthy, attractive, and youthful skin. It contains potent moisturizing agents and very high levels of antioxidants, including Vitamin C in two forms: stabilized fat- and water-soluble forms of Vitamin C. Few antioxidants get to the skin via the bloodstream, making the application of topical nutrients a necessary alternative. Penetration aids are also present to help get the nutrients through the tough outer layer of skin where the dead, dry, and scaly cells are. This layer is called the stratum corneum.

As our skin gets older it appears less smooth and more irregular. Some areas are raised and others more depressed. Dry and scaly patches can begin to form. These irregularities are related to abnormal proliferations of skin cells associated with aging. Living Skin has growth-controlling agents to inhibit abnormal cell proliferation and in many cases may even help reverse already-present mutated cells (skin cell proliferations).

For example, Living Skin contains beta-apo-8'-carotenal, a derivative of beta carotene, which can be converted, by direction of your own skin cells, to retinoic acid (as found in Retin-A®). Your skin cells have rate-limiting factors built into the cells to ensure you do not get too much retinoic acid conversion, but just the right physiological amount. Thus Living Skin is unlike the prescription Retin-A (retinoic acid), even the lowest concentration of which can cause irritation and skin peeling. Additionally, overloading the skin with Retin-A increases skin photosensitivity, and thus elevates the risk of ultraviolet light-induced skin cancer.

The presence of arginine in Living Skin acts as a moisture regulator in high and low humidity climates. Arginine acts as a growth factor, a powerful antioxidant, and inhibits glycosylation. The negative role glycosylation plays in the skin is seen as age-spots and loss of elasticity. Also, arginine (and Vitamin C) are known to help accelerate wound healing.

Living Skin also contains powerful chelating agents, including one that binds to copper and iron 100 times more effectively than EDTA.

After lightly massaging it on your skin (face and body), let it dry. It may feel a little sticky at first. Optionally, with dry hands, lightly run your fingers over your face, smoothing the skin. This can give a more visually-appealing appearance to your skin. Durk & Sandy designed Living Skin to help conceal skin irregularities and the appearance of small wrinkles. It can also get rid of, or significantly reduce, dry skin and cracks caused by dry air. It can often do this quite rapidly. Additionally, Living Skin gives the skin a tanned and healthy glow. For this reason, even though it was not designed for cosmetic reasons, many people use it for this purpose.

New Feeling has long-term protective and restoration effects as its goal and was designed by Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw because they wanted to do something about damage that had already been done to skin, like sun damage. They wanted to help the skin resist the processes caused by aging and give skin an overall youthful appearance. New Feeling is for anyone who wants to smooth out fine lines, wrinkles and possibly minimize the appearance of some scars. New Feeling contains a polymer, which forms a moisture barrier, and assorted alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) that also serve to bind moisture.

In addition to AHA, New Feeling contains at least half a dozen powerful antioxidants, several different specific growth factors, as well as agents to inhibit loss of elasticity and chelating agents to remove metal ions that promote free-radical oxidation.

AHA have been used for thousands of years to improve the appearance of the skin. They are well known for their exfoliation properties: shedding dead, dry, old and scaly cells of the outer layer of skin. AHA also help prevent the denaturation of proteins like albumin. Albumin is an important protein in the body and has many roles, one of which is to act as a significant antioxidant. Albumin is also a carrier of nutrients and hormones and a remover of metabolic byproducts from your body. It is important to have healthy proteins working for you. Many view the protein protection effect as a genuine antiaging effect of AHA.

New Feeling has benefits that Living Skin does not provide and each produces the same or similar benefits by different mechanisms, further ensuring or enhancing desired results. Durk and Sandy say the ideal usage is to use them both. But do not mix them in the same bottle. They are not compatible because of different pHs and so on. That’s why there are two products rather than one.

You can, however, safely mix the two together in your hand when you are ready to apply it to your skin. Applying the products right after a warm or hot shower is best for deep penetration. Use them at least once per day and ideally after every shower, bath or after swimming.

Wishing for you smooth and "youthened" skin! Take care.
Dr V

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