How Much and For How Long Should I Take Bye-Lori For My Stomach Discomfort?
Q Dear Dr V,
I have had stomach indigestion and discomfort off-and-on for years. Usually antacids help. It seems I use them fairly regularly. But once or twice a year I have to get a prescription from my doctor. This time I tried the Bye-Lori and got relief! I haven't needed to take any antacids. I feel more comfortable taking an herb (mastic) than taking prescription drugs. How long do I keep taking the Bye-Lori -- until the bottle is gone? Or, should I take it all the time as a preventative measure? And, how much should I keep taking? Thanks for reading this.
A Dear SG,
As you already know, Bye-Lori contains an herb called mastic (or mastic gum) that has been used for thousands of years for gastrointestinal health. It is still used as a common food additive and herbal medicine by people of the Mediterranean. It has antibacterial properties and has been documented as inhibiting the ulcer-causing bacteria, Helicobacter pylori(also referred to as H pylori).

Studies were done with mastic (mastic gum) with successful results for improving or relieving dyspepsia and/or healing ulcers caused by H pylori.They were performed using 1,000 mg in the morning, and 1,000 mg in the morning plus another 1,000 mg at bedtime. I suggest either of these regimens, depending on your individual response. If 1,000 mg (once, in the morning) works for you, then go this route.

I can find no data recommending how long to use mastic. But mastic is very safe, virtually without side effects, and it has been chewed and eaten for thousands of years. Creating a maintenance program may benefit those who frequently have gastric distress. After implementing the above regimen for one month, decreasing the amount of Bye-Lori by half may prove helpful as a daily maintenance program. You can adjust up or down from the half point based on how you are responding.

It is important to note that Bye-Lori is not a substitute for an appropriate evaluation from your health care provider to make certain there are not any problems requiring medical attention.

Glad to hear your stomach is better.

    Dr V

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