My Son's Stomach Problems Completely Gone with Bye-LoriTM
Q Dear Dr V,
I have been giving my son Bye-Lori, and his stomach problems have completely cleared up. Does this mean he had that bacterium H. pylorior an ulcer? How long should I continue to give it to him?
A Dear IH,
How old is your son? What kind of stomach problem did he have? And for how long has it been going on? What have you tried in the past? Without knowing more about your son, it is difficult to comment specifically.

Even though Life Enhancement recommends its products only for adults, it is significant to note that mastic (the active ingredient in Bye-Lori) has been used for hundreds of years for gastrointestinal disturbances, including diarrhea, in children. Diarrhea is one of the most common pediatric gastrointestinal complaints seen by doctors. Its causes can be varied, including viral infection or bacterial overgrowth. The latter can be associated with malabsorption problems. In this case, the problem is multifold: stomach discomfort, other associated signs or symptoms, such as diarrhea, and the consequences of not maximally absorbing nutrients from food or supplements.

H. pylori,an undesirable bacterium associated with certain types of ulcers, or certain types of bacterial overgrowth, could be an explanation for your son's ailment, since it appears he responded to mastic. As you may recall, mastic affects the structure of H. pyloriand other bacteria, thereby allowing proper bacteriological balance throughout the gastrointestinal tract to be restored.

Other medical conditions can be associated with ongoing or recurrent stomach problems, however, and I do not suggest substituting Bye-Lori for a good checkup from his doctor if needed.

I am very happy to hear that your son is doing better.

    Dr V

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