Better To Take Bye-Lori on an Empty Stomach
Dear Dr. V,

Can Bye-Lori be taken with meals? What is the best amount to take? It has helped my indigestion condition tremendously. But taking it before or after meals is very inconvenient for me. What do you suggest?


A Dear CM,

Bye-Lori contains the herb mastic, which has been used for thousands of years for gastrointestinal health, among other uses. Studies have shown mastic to be very helpful for eradicating the ulcer-causing bacterium called H. pylori, as well as other organisms that are associated with gastrointestinal problems.

The studies using mastic (the main ingredient in Bye-Lori) were done by giving subjects 1000 mg before breakfast, or 1000 mg before breakfast and 1000 mg before bedtime. Both regimens gave positive results. The studies did not indicate how many minutes or hours before breakfast the mastic was taken, but it probably was one hour. The point, I believe, is that it was taken on an empty stomach. If you take Bye-Lori with food, it will probably do some good. However, it seems likely that there will be less contact between the mastic and your intestinal lining, and you may not get the maximum benefits available compared to taking it on an empty stomach.

I suggest that you take Bye-Lori, if at all possible, on an empty stomach. If 1000 mg before breakfast is too difficult, you could probably just as well take 1000 mg at bedtime. Since you will probably have an empty or nearly empty stomach at bedtime, this should be effective and more convenient. If you want a second dose so that your total daily intake is 2000 mg, it seems you will need to be inconvenienced by taking it in the morning too.

Dr. V

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