Why Not Mastic in 500-mg Capsules?  
Dear Dr. V,

Why doesn't Life Enhancement make Bye-Lori capsules in a higher concentration, like the other company I called? Why not make a 500-mg capsule instead of a 250-mg capsule? They are saying 500 mg is better. Is this true? I really value your opinions.


A Dear CS,

This is where manufacturing knowledge and expertise comes in. Five hundred mg of mastic is very difficult to get into one capsule. In order to do so, it must be compressed, which will turn it into little hard beads. This can reduce its bioavailability and effectiveness, because contact between the mastic and the stomach lining will be minimal compared to ingesting ground mastic powder (found in the Bye-Lori capsules). Another important point is that Bye-Lori contains not only mastic but other important antibacterial herbs that are helpful for gastrointestinal health.

Additionally, it is well known that ingredients in compressed pills are not of as high a quality as powdered (crystalline) ingredients found in capsules. Most serious life extentionists prefer powdered ingredients contained in capsules rather than pills, enteric-coated items, etc.

All the successful studies on mastic were done with the ground powder form. It makes sense to stick with what worked in the studies. No other company possesses a more extensive understanding, or provides more literature on the subject of mastic and gastrointestinal health, than Life Enhancement. The scientific studies and the clinical feedback from doctors are the foundation for their making Bye-Lori available, as well as their recommendations for how to use mastic. No other company is doing this or providing this level of specialization.

Not only was Life Enhancement the first company to write about mastic and make it available, but over the last year, they have been getting physicians' reports on how patients' gastrointestinal problems are doing on mastic. Life Enhancement does its own review of the research and does its own writing. It does not make copies of other writers' material. You can be sure you are getting original thinking and original work.

The bottom line is that Life Enhancement is the foremost expert on this subject, and it makes good sense to heed the experts.

I hope this is helpful. Good luck.

Dr. V

Multiple articles on Bye-Lori (mastic) with scientific references can be obtained by calling Life Enhancement Products at 1-800-543-3873.  

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