Q Dear Dr. V,
Will Bye-Lori completely kill the H. pylori bacteria? I have been diagnosed with it, and treated for it, more than once. My symptoms get better, then come back again. I really don't like taking all those prescription antibiotics.


A Dear WB,
Studies have shown that mastic (contained in Bye-Lori) can eradicate the harmful bacterium Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori).1 The phytonutrients thyme and cinnamon, also contained in Bye-Lori, have also been found to be effective against H. pylori.2 It is believed this organism is transmitted orally, which is substantiated by its discovery in periodontal plaque and its association with gingivitis.3 Thus, you can become reinfected with H. pylori via oral transmission, such as by exposure to an infected person's saliva -- hence the need to keep treating the condition.

Treatment failure -- not taking your medications correctly -- can be another reason why H. pylori and your symptoms keep reappearing. The traditional medical treatment consists of multiple antibiotics, multiple times per day. This is expensive, inconvenient (generally associated with low compliance and treatment failure), and not without significant risk of side effects.

Bye-Lori may be an appropriate alternative to multi-prescription drug therapy. I recommend taking it as described above for about two to four weeks. After this you might consider taking it for maintenance by decreasing your daily intake by half.

Hope this helps.
Dr. V


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