Of Cows, Sharks, and Chondroitin

ecently, standing on the cliffs of Maui's North Shore, I was told about some local fishermen who were returning from the sea when they spotted a cow floundering in the ocean, obviously having fallen from the cliffs of grazing pastures above. Smacking their lips, they quickly lassoed the hapless beast to tow it to port. Suddenly they felt a sharp yank on the boat. Sharks repeatedly tore into the cow and ate all but the head, which the fishermen finally pulled into their boat.

An odd little story, but so what? Well, how often do sharks and cows ever meet, so to speak? Probably never, except that one time, right?

Wrong! They "meet" all the time in bottles of a nutritional supplement which contains chondroitin 6-sulfate from shark cartilage and chondroitin 4-sulfate from cow tracheas - in just the right ratio for optimal effect. (See page 13 for an explanation of the importance of using the right forms and ratios of chondroitin.)

Cows that fall from cliffs into shark-infested waters no longer need to be concerned about their joints. However, for those of us people who are interested in healthy, great-feeling joints, I can report dramatic personal results with both glucosamine and the mixed chondroitins from sharks and cows - for counteracting the pain and debilitation that I had.

The tabloids' use of the word "miracle" in this context is understandable. If I weren't legally prohibited from saying so, I might say that glucosamine and mixed chondroitins "cured" my problems - but I can't. So I'll just say that glucosamine and mixed chondroitins helped to support proper joint function, as I let out a big S-I-G-H. Try these nutrients if you're concerned about your own joint function. You're likely to notice a BIG difference.

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