Q Dear Dr. V,
After many years of going from doctor to doctor, I was finally told that I don't have chronic candidiasis [yeast], but I do have an H. pylori infection. My doctor started me on Bye-Lori, and I feel much better after two weeks. Thank you.

My husband doesn't have heartburn, but he has had horrible gas for the last year. Would you suggest that he take Bye-Lori for a month and see what happens? Again, thank you.


A Dear JS,
If you were confirmed to have a bacterial infection with Helicobacter pylori, it is likely that your husband also has it, which would explain his symptoms. This bacterium is known to cause ulcers and has a reputation of causing other types of stomach distress as well. One of you probably passed the bacterium on to the other, although it is possible that you both acquired it independently, as this infection is ubiquitous: about 40% of the world's population has it.

If your husband's stomach distress is due to H. pylori, Bye-Lori may be not only his best bet for relief, but also your best bet to prevent reinfection, which is always a risk, regardless of how the infection was acquired in the first place. To lower the chance of reinfecting each other, the two of you could go on a Bye-Lori program together (simultaneously). If not, you could still treat yourselves as symptoms recur. It is important that both of you have medical checkups to make sure your stomach distress is not due to a medical condition unrelated to H. pylori.

Good luck to you both.

Dr. V

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