Q Dear Dr. V,
Bye-Lori cured my indigestion! I had H. pylori. For years I have been on prescription drugs such as Zantac®, Pepcid®, antibiotics, and others, without any real relief. Within days of taking Bye-Lori, however, I was feeling normal again. Now that I am better, my husband is getting symptoms in his stomach similar to the ones I had. Does this mean I gave the problem to him - the H. pylori bacteria? Should he take Bye-Lori too?

A Dear CK,
Glad to hear about your success. Sorry to hear about your husband. Although it has not been proven how H. pylori (the bacterium that causes ulcers and various gastrointestinal symptoms) is transmitted, I believe it is possible that you passed it to your husband. There is clear evidence that H. pylori bacteria can take up residence in the mouth, a good reason to use both MASTICdent and MASTICwash, both of which contain antibacterial, anti-pylori mastic oil.

I suggest that your husband try Bye-Lori and that you take it at the same time to help prevent transmission of the bacteria back to yourself. You and your husband may want to consider taking a maintenance amount after treating yourselves for about two weeks, possibly using the two oral products as well.

I suggest taking about half the recommended amount of Bye-Lori as maintenance for several weeks or months. Mastic gum (contained in Bye-Lori) is a safe and natural herb that has been used as a food for thousands of years in the Mediterranean.

Even though Bye-Lori has been dramatically effective for many people with stomach distress, it is important that you and your husband see your doctor to make sure your symptoms are not from some other cause.

Get well.
Dr. V

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