Q Dear Dr. V,
I have noticed an elevation in my attitude since I started taking galantamine. I feel more "up" and positive. I seem to be able to make more connections with multiple ideas and concepts. I feel smarter, although I don't know how to prove it. Sometimes, when I take two capsules at bedtime, I awake in the middle of the night and see beautiful, colorful images. Is there any problem with taking two capsules at a time?


A Dear AT,
You don't need to prove anything. If you feel smarter and happier, that's good enough for me. This is great. I have not seen anything in the scientific literature regarding the ability of galantamine to produce visual hallucinations. However, there have been several studies showing that it can reverse certain types of chemically induced hallucinations, especially those associated with central anticholinergic syndrome,1,2 a condition in which the acetylcholine system is disabled, with loss of memory function and more.

As for how much galantamine to take, I suggest that you adhere to the recommendations on the label. These amounts are based on scientific studies, and taking more has not been found to produce added benefits. Some studies have shown that taking more even appears to lessen the benefits.

I hope things keep going well for you.

Dr. V


  1. Cozanitis DA. Galanthamine hydrobromide, a longer acting anticholinesterase drug, in the treatment of the central effects of scopolamine (Hyoscine). Anaesthesist 1977 Dec;26(12):649-50.

  2. Baraka A, Harik S. Reversal of central anticholinergic syndrome by galanthamine. JAMA 1977 Nov 21;238(21):2293-4.

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