Q Dear Dr. V,
Is it OK to take CholestOut if your cholesterol is normal?


A Dear TC,
For preventive purposes, yes, you can take it. "Normal" cholesterol covers a range of values, so the question really is, are you high-normal or low-normal? Remember that your body needs cholesterol as a precursor molecule for the synthesis of hormones, vitamin D, bile acids (which aid in digestion), and cell membranes. Yet too much of the low-density type (LDL, or "bad" cholesterol) and too little of the high-density type (HDL, or "good" cholesterol) can prevent you from achieving optimal cardiovascular health.

What you want is low levels of LDL and high levels of HDL. The higher the LDL levels in our blood, the more excess cholesterol gets deposited on arterial walls. By contrast, high HDL levels are associated with a decreased risk of atherosclerosis, because HDL transports excess cholesterol from the tissues to the liver for metabolism and excretion. You might want to try increasing your HDL levels by taking about three tablespoons of MCT Oil per day. This product, and more information about it, is available from Life Enhancement Products.

I hope this answers your question.

Dr. V

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