Q Dear Dr. V,
Is it better to take galantamine without choline and vitamin B5? Why not just take pure galantamine?


A Dear LE,
Many nutritional researchers believe that galantamine works better in combination with choline and vitamin B5 because they improve the desired result: enhancement of the vital neurotransmitter acetylcholine (ACh), and therefore improved cognition. Galantamine acts to prevent the excessive loss of ACh through enzyme action.

Choline is a chemical precursor to ACh, and vitamin B5 is its principal cofactor in that process. These two compounds, included in a dietary supplement in the proper proportions, are the "flip side" of the story: they act to produce more ACh, which galantamine then acts to protect. (Many individuals may benefit by taking even more choline and B5, which can be obtained in the product Memory Upgrade.) You can read more about galantamine in "Preventing Dementia Can Boost Life Expectancy - Jun. 2001." By the way, removing choline and B5 from a galantamine formulation would not affect the cost much.

Dr. V

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