Q Dear Dr. V,
I heard that the FDA has approved galantamine as a drug. Is this true, and will it affect my ability to continue to obtain it? I'm concerned because it is helping my memory and energy levels so much.


A Dear IH,
Yes, the FDA has declared that it has approved galantamine as a drug. However, it has done so inappropriately, because galantamine is a plant extract that was previously marketed (from 1980 to 1985) as a dietary supplement in the United States. Therefore, under the terms of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, it may not be classified as a drug. Legal counsel has advised Life Enhancement Products that the FDA is in violation of this Act and that unless it gets away with opposing the will of Congress, galantamine will continue to be available to the public as a natural herb and dietary supplement.

The article called "Galantamine Rescues Brain Cells" in the February 2001 issue of Life Enhancement is very interesting and addresses your question thoroughly.

Dr. V

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