Q Dear Dr. V,
Will galantamine interact adversely with coumadin?


A Dear CC,
Coumadin is a prescription drug used as a blood thinner (an antiaggregant and anticoagulant). When taking a drug of this kind, it is important to be cautious about using anything else that might thin your blood. Vitamin E and vitamin K fall into this category, and it is advisable not to use them in large amounts along with coumadin except under the care of a physician.

Galantamine, however, is not a blood thinner. It plays a role in preserving the vital neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Among its other benefits is that it may increase nitric oxide (NO) production - acetylcholine plays a beneficial role in this regard - and abundant NO can help maintain proper cardiovascular function. However, it sounds as though you have a medical condition. If you wish to add supplements to your health program, I suggest that you consult with your doctor, who may want to monitor your use of the vitamins mentioned above when you are taking coumadin.

Good luck.

Dr. V

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