Q Dear Dr. V,
Is it OK to take galantamine along with vinpocetine? Vinpocetine has really been helpful for my mountain biking, and I have also been able to stop using reading glasses most of the time. I also take VincaSee, which has vinpocetine. I would like to add galantamine if it is safe to do so.


A Dear GV,
Vinpocetine and galantamine enhance memory and cognition by different methods. Vinpocetine boosts oxygen and glucose utilization in the brain by improving cerebral blood flow. Galantamine enhances the levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brain, and throughout the body. In addition to their ability to improve memory and other cognitive functions, they both have the effect of slightly lowering blood pressure.This may be a benefit for some individuals with high blood pressure. However, if you have abnormally low blood pressure, I suggest that you use these items only under the care of your physician.

Dr. V

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