Q Dear Dr. V,
I tried Bye-Lori for digestive problems. What happened, surprisingly, is that it helped control my rosacea! Does this make sense, or is it a coincidence? Can I take it indefinitely? Thank you, Life Enhancement, for making things like Bye-Lori available.


A Dear AR,
As you know, rosacea is a fairly common disease that tends to occur in people in their forties and older, especially if they are fair-skinned. It is characterized by redness in certain facial areas, particularly the nose but also the forehead and chin. This condition can worsen and produce unsightly pustules, blood vessels, and scarlike tissue.

Many patients respond to oral or topical prescription antibiotics. Because the herb mastic, the main ingredient in Bye-Lori, is well known for its antibacterial properties, this might explain your experience with it. Another possibility is that mastic may improve your digestion and absorption of nutrients by improving the health of your stomach and intestinal lining.

I could find no studies examining rosacea and mastic, but recent studies have shown that eradicating H.pylori (the gastrointestinal bacterium responsible for ulcers) with antibiotics also results in partial or complete remission for a number of skin diseases, including rosacea and chronic urticaria (hives).1

As we have learned, mastic works as well as, if not better than, the antibiotic therapy for knocking out H.pylori, and it has been used for centuries in the Mediterranean region for stomach health and as a food. It continues to be used in many countries today for the same purposes. It is probably OK to take mastic indefinitely, but there are not yet any scientific studies regarding its long-term use (several years or more).

Thank you for sharing your experience.

Dr. V


  1. Shiotani A, Okada K, Yanaoka K, Itoh H, Nishioka S, Sakurane M, Matsunaka M. Beneficial effect of Helicobacter pylori eradication in dermatologic diseases. Helicobacter 2001 Mar;6(1):60-5.

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