Q Dear Dr. V,
Does it matter if galantamine is extracted from the snowdrop versus other flowers, such as the daffodil and spider lily?


A Dear GS,
To paraphrase Gertrude Stein, a molecule is a molecule is a molecule. Galantamine is the active molecule extracted from these plants. With competent chemical processing of the flowers, all galantamine is exactly the same regardless of its source. Successful studies have been conducted using galantamine from each of the three plant sources, none of which contains any other compounds that are thought to offer the benefits in question.

For purposes of product formulation, galantamine is used in the form of its chemical derivative galantamine hydrobromide. It is a common practice to use derivatives of natural compounds that are more stable or easier to handle, or that are more readily absorbed into the bloodstream, than the original compound. The amount of the derivative included in the formulation is calculated to ensure that the correct equivalent amount of the original compound, as stated on the label, is provided.

Dr. V

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