Q Dear Dr. V,
Is there any extra benefit in taking VeinoTonic along with Oral EDTA Chelator Complex? Thanks.


A Dear CT,
Both of these items are for improving the cardiovascular system, albeit different aspects of it. The cardiovascular system consists of the arterial and venous systems (arteries and veins). Different nutrients have different mechanisms of action, thus different benefits. To explain further:

Oral EDTA Chelator Complex supports cardiovascular health by helping to dissolve plaque buildup in arteries, including those of the heart. This facilitates improved blood flow and thus improved delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscles and vital organs, including the brain and sex organs. EDTA has many other health benefits as well.

VeinoTonic is a formulation containing special flavonoids and phytonutrients for the veins. Studies have shown that these nutrients can help with venous insufficiency by improving blood flow in the veins, strengthening the walls of veins, and reducing swelling, consequently lessening varicose veins and the discomfort of hemorrhoids.

Normally we do not know if our deep veins are healthy or not, because we cannot see them, and often we do not become aware of a problem until serious symptoms occur. The deep veins of the leg, for example, can become seriously compromised by phlebitis (inflammation), thrombus (a blood clot), or embolus (a traveling blood clot that lodges somewhere and obstructs blood flow). Pathology of the superficial veins (for example, varicose veins or hemorrhoids) may be the only sign that your venous health is in need of help. Many people don't realize that taking care of their veins is just as important as taking care of their arteries.

Dr. V

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