Q Dear Dr. V,
Can my dad take galantamine with his heart medications? He has been having some mental difficulties, and I think galantamine might help him.


A Dear MH,
I do not see any reason why your dad could not take galantamine with his medications. Nonetheless, he should not do so without consulting his physician, who must be informed of everything your dad is taking in order to be able to monitor his condition properly.

It is likely that your dad's doctor does not know about galantamine and how effective it is for Alzheimer's disease and age-related cognitive decline. Galantamine has been used successfully as a treatment for dementia in Eastern Europe for three decades and for Alzheimer's disease for the last decade. There is considerable scientific evidence substantiating the effectiveness of galantamine. Many of the studies are referenced in articles that have appeared in Life Enhancement starting in October 2000.

Dr. V

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