Q Dear Dr. V,
I have taken one bottle of Bye-Lori, and my stomach distress has diminished, but not completely. I was taking four capsules per day. How long does it take for Bye-Lori to get rid of H. pylori?


A Dear SD,
Studies have shown that mastic gum (found in Bye-Lori) is effective at 1000 mg once per day in the morning, and also at 1000 mg twice per day: before breakfast and again at bedtime. Both of these regimens were implemented successfully against H. pylori infection - the first one for two weeks, and the second one for one month. However, I have received reports that some individuals require several additional consecutive weeks of taking mastic to obtain adequate relief.

Please note that if you are having persistent stomach distress, you may need to visit your doctor. Your condition could be due to some other factor.

Good luck.

Dr. V

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