Enhanced Benefits from Taking MALE and InnerPower Together
Q Dear Dr. V,
Can I take MALE and InnerPower at the same time?

A Dear MI,
Yes. MALE, an advanced formulation designed by Dr. Jonathan Wright, is for men's overall sexual health and erectile function. Taking InnerPower as well can provide the additional benefits provided by growth-hormone release, such as enhanced muscle mass and tone, increased bone density, improved immune function, lower blood pressure, and better wound healing.

I suggest taking the recommended amount of MALE, which amounts to 2.8 grams of arginine per day (among many other nutrients) and then add InnerPower. For optimal growth-hormone-releasing benefits, take 3 tablespoons (this contains about 18 grams of arginine, among many other nutrients) all at once at bedtime or about one hour before peak-output exercise or sexual activity.
Dr. V

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