OK to Take Bye-Lori with Zantac?
Q Dear Dr. V,
Can I take Bye-Lori with Zantac for my stomach discomfort?

A Dear IJ,
Yes, it should be safe to take these two items together. That could be to your benefit, or it could be overkill if Bye-Lori alone is effective. My preference would be to have a patient start with the natural supplement and add or switch to the prescription drug only if the supplement was not giving relief. There is less risk of side effects with Bye-Lori.

The two items work in different ways to banish stomach distress: Bye-Lori (the main ingredient of which is mastic) works by eradicating the ulcer-causing bacterium H. pylori, and Zantac works by inhibiting the production of stomach acid.

And as I always suggest, check in with your doctor to let him or her know that you would like to try something new.
Dr. V 

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