InsuLife Can Help Diabetics and Help Prevent the Disease
Q Dear Dr. V,
I was wondering if InsuLife is safe to take if I do not have diabetes. I am in my forties, and my mother has type 2 diabetes. I want to avoid getting diabetes myself and would like a little extra insurance against this awful disease.

A Dear WI,
Over 15 million Americans have type 2 diabetes, and studies have shown that the probability of developing this disease is increasing. Many people don't know they have diabetes or don't realize how insidiously it develops. Diabetes is a disease that invades every system of the body, causing accelerated aging; it leads to severe and chronic maladies and premature death.

Fortunately, something can be done about it. Exercise and a more appropriate diet can definitely help improve existing diabetes and help prevent its onset. It's a good idea to stop eating so many carbohydrates and harmful fats.

In addition, it's likely that most individuals who already have diabetes can help keep their blood sugar levels under better control by supplementing with MHCP (methylhydroxychalcone polymer), a cinnamon extract found in InsuLife. Evidence is accumulating that MHCP is also likely to help delay or prevent diabetes in those who are at risk for it, and it's very safe to use. MHCP may also help lower blood pressure, and it has antioxidant properties. (See the article Revitalize Yourself in Life Enhancement, March 2002, for more comprehensive information about diabetes and MHCP.)

If you want a new level of insurance against the possibility of diabetes, MHCP is an intelligent choice. Other Life Enhancement products that are beneficial for blood sugar maintenance are AGEless and Lipoic Acid (the latter is also an ingredient in InsuLife). You can read about these items at I also strongly suggest that you start a health maintenance program that includes, at a minimum, a high-potency multivitamin, multimineral, multiantioxidant formulation such as BioEnhance. More guidance about health maintenance can be found in How to Get Started.
Dr. V

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