Bye-Lori to Your Stomach's Rescue
Q Dear Dr. V,
I was diagnosed with an H. pylori infection last year. My doctor put me on antibiotics and some other drugs to eradicate the bacteria, yet I still suffer from chronic belching, bloating, and stomach pain. I can't drink coffee or wine. If the bacteria have been killed, why do I still have symptoms? Can Bye-Lori help? Please let me know as soon as possible.

A Dear YA,
The reason that your symptoms are still present could be because you have had a recurrence, i.e., a reinfection. It is most likely, however, that the H. pylori bacterium has not been eradicated. Often patients cannot fully comply with the triple drug therapy prescribed by their doctors, because it is inconvenient (taking three drugs several times per day), because the drugs are too expensive, or because of intolerable side effects.

Studies show that eliminating H. pylori from the digestive tract reduces the risk and recurrence of ulcers and, therefore, the distressing accompanying symptoms such as those you are experiencing. Since the primary culprit for ulcers is H. pylori, eradicating it can bring lasting benefits.

Bye-Lori is a natural alternative that may help promote H. pylori eradication. Afterward, a maintenance program in which you take Bye-Lori on an ongoing basis, albeit in lesser amounts, may be helpful for prevention.
Dr. V

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