My Hemorrhoids Are Gone with VeinoTonic
Q Dear Dr. V,
VeinoTonic is remarkable! I have been struggling with the aggravation of chronic hemorrhoids for years. My doctor was tired of my complaining and was pushing me to have surgery. Then one of my friends gave me some of her VeinoTonic, and within only a week or so, the hemorrhoids were gone. No more aggravation! I am taking two capsules twice a day. Is this enough? And how long should I take them for?

A Dear JV,
That's great! Many others have reported similar results with this product. You need to take only the minimum amount necessary to achieve the desired results. If the four capsules per day you are taking now become insufficient, you could take up to eight per day.

Sometimes you may need to increase the daily number of capsules for a few days. If you are already at the maximum level and this extra amount still does not work, consider adding VeinFlow, a new Life Enhancement product with a special, high-potency extract of the herb gotu kola (Centella asiatica). This will probably do the trick. (For more information on VeinFlow, see the lead article in this issue.) You can also try VeinoTonic II, a new formulation that contains the same special extract of gotu kola.

Unfortunately, if your hemorrhoids are significant and chronic, you will likely need to continue taking the VeinoTonic or VeinoTonic II indefinitely to hold them at bay.
Dr. V

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