85-Year-Old Uncle Doing Great on Galantamine
Q Dear Dr. V,
My 85-year-old uncle has been taking a galantamine supplement (three capsules per day) for one year now and has improved very much. He has been off all his prescription medications for that whole year, and all his lab tests are surprisingly good, considering the poor shape he was in when I started caring for him. He is on an almost all-organic diet with lots of raw foods, and is feeling fine and healthy. His long-time doctor is flabbergasted. My question is: is three capsules per day too much for him in the long run?

A Dear SR,
I'm glad to hear of your uncle's success with a galantamine supplement. A good diet is important, so it may very well be that the organic and raw-food diet is also contributing to his improved wellness. If a serving of three capsules per day is working for your uncle and he is functioning well and not experiencing side effects, then it seems that this is probably the right amount for him. If you were to stop the galantamine, or even if you only decreased the amount, it is likely that your uncle would regress. Many people in his age range do better on three capsules per day.

It sounds as though you are doing a great job of taking care of your uncle. It's important, though, that he be evaluated by his doctor at regular intervals even if he is doing well on galantamine alone.
Dr. V

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