Can Bye-Lori Help with Stomachaches?

Q I’ve had severe stomachaches during the last two years, and my doctor told me that it’s gastritis. But the use of medicines such as Protonix® (pantoprazole) and Prevacid® (lansoprazole) has helped only temporarily, and the problem is reappearing.

Will Bye-Lori help my problem? What is the difference between Bye-Lori and Bye-Lori II?

Steve – Dallas

A We have had more positive responses to the use of Bye-Lori and Bye-Lori II than for any other product we offer. People who have complained about a wide variety of gastrointestinal problems—many of which have lasted for years—that have continually aggravated their lives and left them drained have reported startling turnarounds.

For symptoms related to an H. pylori infection, the mastic gum contained in the Bye-Lori formulations seems to be an effective agent in reducing levels of that microorganism in the human body. If other bacteria or even viral accomplices are involved, Bye-Lori II may be the product for you. In addition to mastic gum, it contains hyperforin, thyme, and cinnamon, all of which have shown antibacterial benefits. Hyperforin, along with mastic, has been found to be effective against drug-resistant strains of bacteria. Moreover, mastic may be effective against some viral activity.

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