InnerPower Reported to Help with Back Pain

Q What supplements would you recommend for degenerative disk disease?

MARK, Palmetto, FL

A Although we can’t recommend our nutritional supplements to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease (it’s best to work with a healthcare professional), there have been reports that arginine in high enough amounts (12–18 grams per day) may be able to provide substantial relief.

InnerPower contains nutrients that help you build muscles when you exercise—especially the nutrient amino acid arginine and the nutrients choline and vitamin B5. But these nutrients also help your muscles recover when you’ve been doing a lot of heavy work, such as digging holes for planting trees, that put a strain on your back. Without InnerPower, Durk Pearson (the coformulator of this product, along with his partner, Sandy Shaw) says his back would have been aching for days after long hours of gardening. Instead, there was much less ache on the digging days than he would have experienced without InnerPower, and none of the otherwise expected aching for days afterward.

You might want to try InnerPower.

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