Any Interactivity Between Mastic and Drugs?

Q I would like to purchase your Bye-Lori. Is it compatible with Zestril® and Zantac®, which I am presently taking?


A We know of no undesirable reactions between mastic (the principal active ingredient in Bye-Lori and Bye-Lori II) and the pharmaceuticals that you mentioned. By the way, two excellent books on this subject are The Nutritional Cost of Prescription Drugs, by Ross Pelton and James B. LaValle (see our review of this book in the May 2000 issue of Life Enhancement), and Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion Handbook, by Ross Pelton, James B. LaValle, Ernest B. Hawkins, and Daniel L. Krinsky (review in September 1999).

However, mastic works in part by stripping the ammonia “cocoon” that the H. pylori bacterium produces to protect itself from the strongly acidic environment of the stomach. Thus it might be more effective to take these products at separate times of the day. Try taking your Bye-Lori the first thing in the morning, at least half an hour before breakfast, building up gradually to a 4-capsule dosage, and taking your pharmaceuticals perhaps after breakfast or before lunch, etc.

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