How to Prevent InnerPower from Solidifying

Q Some months ago, I purchased six large bottles of your product InnerPower with sweet stevia. I love the product, but as time passed and I consumed two bottles, the remaining bottles’ powder hardened into rocks, even though I had not removed the protective seals. I live in Miami, where the humidity is high, but that shouldn’t matter with sealed bottles. Now whenever I want to take InnerPower, I must use a knife to break up the hardened mix so that I can spoon out the powder. This chiseled granular powder does not mix well with water—it settles to the bottom of the glass. Although the InnerPower has four or five small desiccant packets (which don’t seem to work so well), it’s hard to chisel them out of the hardened powder.

Given that the InnerPower powder seems to harden quickly (even in unopened bottles), can you formulate the product so that one can take it in capsule form? Does the InnerPower powder with xylitol remain powdery? I never imagined that I would have to chisel my InnerPower brick into powder before using it. I like to buy a few bottles at a time because of the economic incentive. Is there a solution to this problem?

BILL, Miami

A Sorry about that! It’s the choline that is highly hygroscopic (water-absorbent), even though we use a silicone-coated form. Capsules are even worse, and you would have to take too many—three servings would be over 20 caps.

The solution is to refrigerate the product, which is what I do when in Hawaii. Chiseling is OK, but please keep the bottles under refrigeration in the future. They’ll hold up far longer. Thanks for your business.

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