Smart Drinks for a Social Gathering

Q I’d like to make smart drinks at an event I’m producing. Please recommend a product or two (clarifying, euphoric) with which we can make smoothies.

JUDITH, Santa Rosa, CA

A That’s an interesting concept for a social gathering that could provide the mental fuel for some great conversations, and perhaps some creative games as well.

There are two primary considerations. First, you should make sure each individual gets the right amount to produce the desired effect, which will vary from person to person. Please read the labels carefully, and ask each person questions about their health to determine whether they are precluded. After this, it’s prudent to ask everyone to proceed at their own pace, because some individuals tend to be a little uncomfortable with the effects of supplements in general.

Second, if you are mixing the smart nutrients into a fruit smoothie or similar beverage, do not include any protein or amino acid content that would interfere with the absorption and benefits of the active ingredient of either the phenylalanine or arginine formulations. This does not apply to choline or 5-HTP formulations. This “no mix” caveat would extend to any food you plan to serve. To repeat, protein tends to interfere with phenylalanine or arginine absorption.

For a phenylalanine formulation, we recommend BLAST and Rise & Shine (no caffeine), or any of the other BLAST family formulations. For an arginine formulation, InnerPower can produce physically stimulating effects while at the same time offering enough choline to produce significant mental effects too. You can mix these in with a small cup of fruit smoothie, but without added yogurt because of the protein it contains.

Depending on the sensitivity of your guests, start with modest portions, offering repeat servings for more adventuresome individuals. We also suggest offering these drinks as guests arrive so that they are consumed on an empty stomach. That way you are less likely to have food competition that can reduce optimal effects.

Alternatively, for a much simpler approach, you might acquire a case of our carbonated, mentally enhancing soft drink, Smartz, which contains phenylalanine and choline. It’s offered in a can, which might be more convenient and familiar to your guests. You’ll have a lot of fun.

Finally, for those who like to be laid back, offer 5-HTP SeroTonic II or, for another level of excitement, Memory Upgrade II (with choline). Both of these can be served with protein without interference.

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