The Right Level of Galantamine

Q My husband (63 years old) was diagnosed with dementia and started out with Aricept®. Now he is taking Reminyl®. Recently I purchased your Mind Food Brain Maintenance Toolkit, which contains galantamine, the same as Reminyl. Is there any harm in taking more than 24 mg/day? I love your other products and your newsletter. Keep up the good works and your research!

COOKIE, Harbor City, CA

A Studies show that, with some people, 32 mg/day of galantamine produces a superior result. We know of no negative consequences at that level other than the usual cholinergic side effects, which are minor and can be avoided by increasing the amount slowly. However, if your husband is taking 24 mg/day already, there should be no problem in moving up to 32 mg/day. Whether this level is right for him can be determined only by comparing his responses with those at the lower level.

As you undoubtedly discern, the Mind Food Brain Maintenance Toolkit is far superior to just taking galantamine by itself. Our galantamine is frequently tested using the reagent standard—the same standard as for the drug—and we consistently exceed that standard. When all is said and done, it’s always prudent to be monitored by a good complementary physician.

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