Sources of Entire Journal Articles

Q I would like to know where you found the documents referenced in the August 2004 article entitled “If Only Galantamine Could Talk…” I have searched the Internet and can only access the abstracts. Full articles don’t seem to be available.

DAVID, Boston, MA

A They are indeed available, often directly through the journals, or through their publishers, or through publishers’ outlets, or through repro houses. But alas, prices range from a few dollars to $30–40 (the most typical price) or even more. Users of such services must agree not to make copies available to others and to use them for limited purposes, such as reporting on their conclusions.

There is an alternative, however. Many biomedical libraries, such as those at universities, allow copies to be made, but you must seek them out in the stacks and then photocopy them at your expense. Again, by agreement with the publishers, these copies are typically for personal use and not for redistribution. By the way, Life Enhancement Products encourages the distribution of its articles, and even has an “E-mail this article to a friend” feature on its Web site.

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