Ephedra Still Available as a Traditional Chinese Herbal Tea

Q Your Web site still lists the ephedra products, but it states that they are unavailable. Since the FDA has won this round of the ephedra wars, what are your new products, and how well do they work?

Also, do you have any life extension weight-loss support groups? My waist-to-hip ratio is 0.83. How dangerous is that? My breast size exceeds my hip size, which I’m sure raises my general body weight.

Ginger, Escondido, CA

A For information on waist-to-hip ratio and body mass index, see “‘I’m Too Fat!’ (Sound Familiar?)” in the April 2002 issue and “Waist Size Reduction: Three Easy Ways” in the January 1998 issue of Life Enhancement, or go to our Web site.

Unfortunately, it appears that ephedra is available in California only from physicians or other health care professionals, although this is not true elsewhere in the country. However, we now have a program that can help you find the right physician, one who may be able to help you with your weight problem. See the ad on page 21, and go to our Web-site “services” address at www.life-enhancement.com/services.asp for more information.

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