Pacing Your Supplement Program

Q I have purchased TurboBLAST II, Personal Radical Shield, and Mind Food Brain Maintenance Toolkit from you. I love all these products and am wondering what the optimal amounts would be if I were to take all three of them (all five, really).


A They can be taken together. Please follow the directions on the label of each product. However, we would suggest just one serving of TurboBLAST II in the morning, on an empty stomach, until you get a feel for it. Later, a second serving could be added, 1 hour before lunch, or possibly at midafternoon, when it is common for people to experience a slump in their energy levels.

Personal Radical Shield can be taken at full strength (3 capsules 4 times daily) from the beginning, especially if you’ve taken high-potency multivitamin/multimineral formulations before. Otherwise, start with 1 capsule at each meal and then build slowly to 3 with each meal before adding 1 at bedtime, eventually increasing to 3 at bedtime.

Regarding the lead product of the Mind Food Brain Maintenance Toolkit, a nutritional supplement that contains galantamine, lithium, and other ingredients, start slowly, with only 1 capsule in the morning, for several days. Then take an additional capsule at lunch, and after several days add a third capsule at dinner. Continue slowly until the desired level is reached: 2 capsules with each meal.

Regarding Memory Upgrade II, start with 1 drink per day; it can be taken with meals without any loss of benefit. Then increase the number of servings to 2 or 3 per day. Because the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, made from choline in your body, stimulates muscle cells, taking too much may result in a stiff neck. If this occurs, back off on the amount you’re taking.

Finally, Omega-3 HeartFelt should be started with 1 capsule per meal and slowly increased until the desired level is reached.

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