Can Mastic and Probiotics Be Used Together?

Q I take a probiotic formulation for intestinal problems. If I take Bye-Lori II, will the mastic and the probiotic work OK together?

Janet, San Angelo, TX

A There is no reason not to take mastic and probiotics together, and many of my patients have benefited from this combination. Although both probiotics and mastic alter the gut bacteria, the former introduce beneficial bacteria, while the latter eradicates harmful bacteria, including, especially, Helicobacter pylori, which causes gastritis and peptic ulcers.

Furthermore, although H. pylori is not believed to cause stomach cancer, those who harbor the infection in their GI tract are up to three to six times more likely to get this terrible disease than those who are pylori-free. Thus, ridding oneself of H. pylori can indirectly help prevent stomach cancer.

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