Nutritional Balancing Act

Q I’m taking a balanced, high-quality multivitamin and multimineral supplement (6 capsules twice daily) developed for a well-known physician and based on current research. I’d also like to take Root Food II along with Inner Shampoo. While some of the nutrients in my “multi” are in considerably higher quantities than in Root Food II, others are higher in Root Food II, which also contains two important nutrients that are not in the multi. Could taking both products together throw off the balance of total nutrients?

JOANNE, Salmon Creek, WA

A Root Food II is a Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw formulation. As with all their products (excluding One-Per-Meal Radical Shield, which is a starter multi), Root Food II is designed to work with Personal Radical Shield, Durk & Sandy’s high-potency multivitamin, multimineral, multiantioxidant formulation, which is the centerpiece of their nutritional program. To state this another way, all their formulations are designed to work together.

What is especially important when designing a nutrient formulation is an intimate knowledge of the body’s intermediary metabolic pathways (from food ingestion to waste excretion). According to Durk & Sandy, “[our formulations are] based upon detailed scientific knowledge of the intermediary metabolism of the nutrients and what your body does with what you eat. If you know the chemical details, the biochemical details of how one thing is converted into another, you can take specific nutrients that you need in specific combinations and amounts to enable that process.”

Therefore, it’s not possible to say, without looking at your multi, whether you would be getting too much or too little of any particular ingredient. Why not just switch to Personal Radical Shield? Then you would know that your nutrients are in balance.

Finally, as we have stated again and again, it’s important to take your nutrients throughout the day—with meals and at bedtime—for optimal bioavailability. Thus, e.g., taking 3 capsules 4 times daily is better than taking 6 capsules 2 times daily.

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