Confused by PEGysomal EDTA Instructions

Q I take your PEGysomal EDTA. I was taking the capsules, but changed to the liquid form, which I believe will work better. The label says, “Put 1–2 ml between cheek and gum. For best results, do not swallow.” I’m sorry, but does that mean I should spit it out afterward? I swallow it after 2–3 minutes. Either I’m doing it wrong, or you need to look closely at your labeling and be a little clearer on directions. Please let me know how I should use it properly.

THOMAS, Eugene, OR

A Your point is well taken. We’ve changed the label to read, “For maximal absorption, hold in mouth before swallowing.” Not all of the ingredients in the PEGylated liposomal formulations are encapsulated by the liposomes—for example, the flavoring. Therefore, what typically remains is a quantity of flavored saliva containing some of the other ingredients that are not germane to delivering the desired active agents.

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