Q I have heard that galantamine may be beneficial for the memory function disturbances known as mild cognitive impairment, thus helping one to maintain good memory into one’s later years. Is this true?

ALBERTO, San Antonio, TX

A Indeed, more evidence is accumulating for this contention. In an article in the February 2003 issue (“Galantamine May Help with Mild Cognitive Impairment”), we made the case for why galantamine ought to be beneficial for MCI. Two years later, in the February 2005 issue (“Galantamine Improves Memory in MCI”), we reported that solid evidence for this role had finally been obtained.

In 2003 we also published two other articles containing substantive discussions of MCI: “Galantamine Helps Keep Your Mind on the Money” (July) and “Galantamine May Help Block the Road to Alzheimer’s” (September). Our most recent article dealing with this subject was “Don’t Forget Your Galantamine” in the January 2006 issue.

You can find all these articles, and many more, on Life Enhancement Products’ Web site.

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