Q I’m a long-time InnerPower user, and although it rarely fails to serve me physically, I sometimes wish I had greater libido. After reading your article on PropeL, I tried it and found myself pleasantly surprised, but I did not use it along with InnerPower. Do you know of any reason why I can’t use it with InnerPower, or, more appropriately, one of the new InnerPowers or InnerPower Plus?

RICK, Madison, WI

A InnerPower works by increasing blood flow to your genitals and retaining it there for enhanced engorgement and sensitivity. The carnitine components of PropeL are energy-metabolism enhancers. With the two different mechanisms, it is likely that the results could be additive. I know of no conflicts among the ingredients, so it’s probably fine to use these products together. Let me know how you do.

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