Q Your PEGysomal Resveratrol product label lists ethanol, chocolate flavoring, and sweeteners as ingredients. Since ethanol is a cellular toxin (forming acetaldehyde, among other things), I assume the quantity per dose is negligible. Is that correct? Also, how many grams of carbohydrates are in each serving? Finally, which types of sweeteners are used in the product, and approximately how much is in one serving?

GLEN, Las Vegas

A Ethanol (ethyl alcohol) is a natural byproduct of your body. In fact, the average person makes about 1 oz of it every day. When ingested in large amounts, however, it can cause problems (see “Going to a Party? Be Prepared!” in the November 2005 issue). PEGysomal Resveratrol has very small amounts of ethanol at the recommended serving levels.

One of the two sweeteners used in PEGysomal Resveratrol is xylitol, a carbohydrate with 2.4 calories per gram (vs. 4.0 calories per gram for most simple sugars). Improving on artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, xylitol goes beyond just tasting sweet and depriving oral bacteria of nutrition—it actually inhibits the growth of Streptococcus mutans, thereby actively diminishing plaque formation and tooth decay.* The other sweetener is acesulfame-K, which is not a carbohydrate and has no caloric value. The amount per serving of each of the two sweeteners in PEGysomal Resveratrol is 2 mg.

As you have read in Life Enhancement, PEGysomal Resveratrol is probably the only way to get an adequate amount of resveratrol into your bloodstream and keep it there until it can reach the cells of your body where it can do the most good.*

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