Farmed Atlantic Salmon Highly Enriched in EPA and DHA

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Volume 9 No. 3 • August 2006

Farmed Atlantic Salmon Highly Enriched in EPA and DHA

An examination of the fatty acid composition of visceral oil from farmed Atlantic salmon1 by researchers in the Department of Food Science of Louisiana State University Agricultural Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, shows that their samples of farmed Atlantic salmon contained 1.64 g EPA and 1.47 g DHA per 100 g tissue. They cite another study,1a in which the researchers found 0.32 g/100 g tissue of EPA and 0.51 g/100 g tissue of DHA in farmed Atlantic salmon, and 0.24 g EPA/100 g tissue and 0.63 g DHA in viscera of wild Atlantic salmon. Herring, as measured by a different group,1b contained 0.71 g EPA/100 g tissue and 0.86 g DHA/100 g tissue.

According to the paper,1 fish have been classified into four groups on the basis of their lipid content: lean (<2% fat, such as cod, haddock, and pollack); low (2–4% fat, such as sole, halibut, and redfish); medium (4–8%, such as most wild salmon); and high (8–20%, such as herring, mackerel, and many farmed salmon). “Farmed salmon are among the fattiest fish. The lipid concentration of viscera is significantly greater than that in fillet, whereas the moisture concentration of viscera is significantly less than that in its fillet.”


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