T I bought a bottle of your mastic wafers, BellEase, for my dog, thinking they would be good for his teeth. It costs a lot to have his plaque removed twice a year, and there still seems to be a continual loss of bone, despite the cleanings. One day, when I had a particularly bad bellyache, I decided to chew on a couple of BellEase wafers myself. Was I amazed! Not only did I find quick relief (within minutes), but regular use has cut down considerably on my gastrointestinal discomfort.

A bonus is the taste: it’s sort of like gingerbread. I can only hope it does as well for my dog (he sure likes it) as it does for me. So if it really kills H. pylori, good riddance!

MICKENNA, Los Angeles

Comment: Sounds like a great outcome (as long as you don’t start barking).

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