Q You mentioned in a prior column that your acetyl-L-carnitine, propionyl-L-carnitine, and alpha-lipoic acid formulation, PropeL, might be good for women for improving libido and sexual function.* Is there any substantiation for this use? If so, how much should a woman use?

SALLY, Boston

A Although the study Life Enhancement reported on included only men, we have received quite a few reports that PropeL is also effective for women. Because various clinical trials have reported positive results in women for all of the ingredients in PropeL separately—although not for libido and sexual function—I am inclined to believe that there may be something to these reports we’re receiving. Given the typical size differences between men and women, the appropriate serving for women is probably about 2/3 of that for men. That would be 4 capsules per day for women, versus 6 for men.

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